signs of a clogged dryer vent

-dryer is hot but not drying the clothes

-dryer will run for hours till clothes are dry 

-clothes smell musty or moldy after cycle 

-have to run dryer several times to get clothes dry

-burning smell in dryer 

-dryer shuts off mid cycle 

-lint on the inside of the dryer door 

-lint collects on both sides of the lint screen

-no lint collects on the lint screen at all

-af or check vent light comes on during a cycle 

-moisture on the inside of the dryer door 

-water dripping from dryer vent

dryer Vent Cleaning

Are you frustrated with your dryer?

does it take 2,3 or more cycles to dry 1 load of clothes?

this is a common problem caused by clogged dryer vent.

don't let your dryer cause a fire....

a blocked dryer vent is caused by lint from your clothes that builds up over time in your dryer vent causing reduced airflow.

this causes the dryer to take longer to dry clothes, your energy bill to go up, and most importantly causes the dryer to over heat and cause a fire.

did you know that a clogged dryer vent is the #1 fire hazard in the home, causing 15.000 plus fires every year!

the best way to prevent this fire hazard is to have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected every year, as recommended by the fire department and insurance companies.