* Jesse " Mike arrived on time and immediately got to work. he explained what he would be doing and surveyed my home. he took care around the furniture and put covers on the carpets. he kept me updated on his progress and even taped up a loose vent outside. he worked hard for 5 hours and made sure to tidy up. he was very polite and professional. a credit to the company."

* Jenni s. " John was extremely professional and treated my home with respect. he put down sheets in my home to keep things clean. he showed me before and after pictures of his work. if i had any doubts before he put them all to rest. i am service provider myself that is in and out of peoples homes and i know what you field techs go through. John is great at what he does and represents your company well. not only would i refer your company to my friends i would recommend John specifically. keep up the great work."

* Katie b. " John was professional, thorough, friendly and very efficient. i appreciated how he shared the details of the entire process. thank you!!! " 

* Sandy w. " Mike arrived on time and began working immediately he spent a good 5-6 hours cleaning the ducts main unit and returner great service "

* Jim b " John did a very nice job! he showed us before and after pictures of each vent. wow, what an improvement!!! thank you for everything. " 

* Mary s. " John was great. very friendly and arrived on time. took great care to protect my home with cloth protectors over his shoes, drop cloths, wall corner protectors. he worked very hard with great care and attention to detail. he showed me before and after pictures of the ducts. very impressive! i will highly recommend duct works and John to all!!! great experience. " 

* Kent j " Mike who is a nice guy. he was very careful with my carpet and hardwood floor he did a great job cleaning my vents and now everything seems to stay fresh and clean no more dust. "

​* Lisa s. " John was very thorough and responsive to my concerns. it's so nice to have someone that takes a lot of pride in the quality of his work and in offering excellent customer service. 

thank you for such a positive experience! "

* Teri g. " Our duct were severely compromised by much debris and have had them cleaned by a company twice in the last year. i didn't know that the job was never done right and discovered it only after a new furnace installation showed us how clogged out trunk lines and ducts were so we called DirtDoctor services.

they showed up the next day stayed for 10 hours cleaning every single vent and pipe line leading to my main ac unit, John was above and beyond what i expected. he got everything. "