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FAQs: Air Ducts, Dryer Vents & Attic Insulation

How often should I clean my home’s air ducts?

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, air duct cleaning in the house is suggested every three to five years. Households with pets and family members whose immune system are compromised may have their HVAC system clean frequently.


How long does a regular air duct cleaning session take?
Typically, a home’s air duct is cleaned for a few hours (2 to 4) with at least 2 professional duct technicians.  


Which parts of the duct work get thorough cleaning?
The major parts of the duct system that requires thorough cleaning are the interior areas of the supply and return vents, the supply and return grills, and the HVAC system air handler.


Do I need to worry about the mess in my home or commercial building during the duct cleaning?
Our professional technicians will definitely not leave any trace of mess on your property during and after the duct cleaning service.  Our company beams with pride that we use only the highest quality and most advanced duct cleaning tools and equipment.


Will my healthcare provider shoulder the cost of the residential air duct cleaning service that I hired?
We’re sorry as we cannot answer this query.  It is best to contact your health insurance company as they can verify whether they can cover this type of work.   


Is dryer vent cleaning necessary?
Regular maintenance of your dryer vents are important as such appliance is a popular contributor to house fires.  With dryer vent cleaning, lint build up is lessened hence preventing fire and other accidents. In addition, the process will improve the energy efficiency of your dryer vents that will gradually lower your electric bills.  


How long does a regular dryer vent cleaning take?
The duration of dryer vent cleaning depends on the property being serviced.  For dryer vents intended for residential use, the cleaning process will consume one hour while commercial dryer vent cleaning takes longer.


Is blown in (cellulose and fiberglass) insulation considered green?
Cellulose insulation can be considered green because it is mainly composed of recycled materials. However, a minimal portion of its composition is treated with borates, a chemical treatment.  Fiberglass insulation may also be eco-friendly with half or more of its composition is from recycled materials. Take it from Owens-Corning, a trusted name in the fiberglass insulation industry that admits to using 53-73 percent of post-consumer recycled materials for the production of fiberglass insulation.

Can blown cellulose insulation result in fires?
Cellulose insulation is made up of recycled materials- mostly paper.  In its raw phase, the paper is flammable but during production, cellulose insulation is treated with a chemical called borates.  Borates are categorized as Class I fire retardant. Class I includes flammables like wood and paper whereas Class II flammables refer to gasoline, oil and the like.

How do I know if my HVAC system was adequately cleaned?
It is through visual examination of your HVAC system before and after the cleaning process that you can assess whether it was properly cleaned.  


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