Ducts are highly essential in the HVAC system in terms of delivering and removing air.  They are crucial in providing comfort and convenience to every household. As such, DirtDoctor strives hard to promote a healthy, clean living among homeowners in the area of Dallas, Texas.  We understand that the integrity of ducts should not be compromised as it will endanger the HVAC system. For your air duct installation in Dallas, call DirtDoctor. We install new duct work in new homes or commercial properties. In cases that you have really old existing duct work and it's time to replace it, we provide air duct replacement service. In situations where cleaning your duct work is not sufficient like poorly installed ducts, a replacement of your air ducts make an ideal option.  Set up an appointment with one of our licensed HVAC technicians and know the amazing benefits of air duct installation.

Know When Your HVAC Ducts Need To Be Replaced

  • Irregular room temperatures-  When you feel that some areas in your house are extremely hot and some are excessively cold, have your HVAC system checked for major issues.
  • Noisy HVAC system- If your HVAC system produces unusual loud noises, it could be because of an undersized duct work.
  • Extremely dusty house- When you notice excessive amounts of dust in your house, be cautious of leaks on your ducts.  Leaks enable cooled or heated air to get out of the duct work and letting dirt and dust to enter.
  • Age of your house- Consider the age of your house- when it’s a decade or older then it’s telling you to replace the duct work as it was picked for a cheap rate rather than longevity.
  • Presence of molds around your ducts- Molds developed from moisture in your air ducts can result in a nasty odor which is hazardous to your loved ones’ health.

Improved indoor air quality:  Nothing beats a fresh and clean air at the comfort of your home.  With new air ducts, you are guaranteed of your HVAC’s optimum performance and you will not fear the complications brought by toxic pollutants coming from a dusty air.

Significant savings on energy:  When the ducts in your house suffer leaks and excessive dirt, your duct work tends to work harder hence the rise on your electric bills.  When you choose to replace your damaged ducts, you’ll be happy with your wise choice as you see a serious drop in your electric statement.

Increased comfort and relaxation:  Note that faulty air ducts result to an inconsistent temperature inside your house and can lead to respiratory problems in your family like asthma and allergy.  With new ducts, you are assured that you get your desired indoor temperature no matter the season plus a sigh of relief that you can relax and enjoy the comfort that it brings to everyone in your family.

Professional Air Duct installation in Dallas

Benefits of Air Duct Installation


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