DirtDoctor is your go to company for air duct cleaning in Dallas. We are the DirtDoctor professionals, working hard to eliminate all harmful dirt particles from your indoor air. We use power equipment and solutions to make sure that your air ducts are free from dirt and debris. When it's time for your air ducts to be cleaned in your house or commercial property, DirtDoctor is here! The indoor air you breathe in everyday should always be clean. When your air ducts are filthy, all the dirt and debris that is getting circulated through your HVAC system is going right back into the air you are breathing. This can be harmful, especially for those with respiratory problems. An air filter can only do so much and what ever it doesn't trap gets trapped in your air ducts. Over time the buildup of dirt in the air ducts can be bad for you and for the HVAC system itself. For those with Texas allergies, it is crucial to clean your air ducts annually. Don't go another day with dirty air ducts and call DirtDoctor today for your air duct cleaning in Dallas. 

Our professional technicians have years of experience to make sure the job is done to your highest expectation. They are always prepared with the necessary equipment to make sure your air ducts will be as clean as possible, not matter how many units your house of work place have. By using a very powerful vacuum, special duct cleaning brushes and sanitizer solutions, they will recommend the best treatment plan in order to make sure all dirt is eliminated.  The technicians are experts at what they do and want to make sure you are satisfied with the work. They will first do an inspection in order to see the necessary steps to take. They will show you pictures of your air ducts and explain the best way to eliminate all dirt. Each customer is different based on a few factors such as, the type of HVAC system and how long has passed since the last air duct cleaning. Any and all questions you may have, our technicians would be happy to answer. For professional air duct cleaning in Dallas, DirtDoctor is the company you can count on. 

The air duct cleaning process should only be handled by a professional. At DirtDoctors, our technicians have all the knowledge, experience and equipment to make sure you get the best air duct cleaning service. When you use our services, the technician will guide you on the best measures in order to to remove all the dirt and debris from the air ducts. He can go over with you exactly how the process works and answer all questions you may have. Our technicians use powerful tools that should only be handled by a professional. So you can be prepared what to expect upon an appointment when using DirtDoctors air duct cleaning in Dallas, we have outlined the air duct cleaning process.

  1.  Unscrew the wall or ceiling registers with the use of the cordless drill.  

  2.  Attach the HEPA vacuum to the vent and let run. Time will be dependent on the number of units present and how much buildup are in the air ducts.

  3. After vacuuming is completed, a special vent cleaning brush is attached to cordless drill.  The drill is turned on and allows the brush to clean the duct until it reaches 2 feet, and is then removed from the duct. 

  4. ​Sanitization using special solutions is sprayed into the ducts to remove lingering dirt that has been trapped. The solution is also a preventative for buildup. 

  5. ​The inside and outside of your air duct is wiped down with the a moist microfiber cloth. This will clean up any remaining dirt present. 

  6. Cleanup of fallen dirt is removed if necessary. 

Promotes a healthier environment- Nothing beats a clean living space courtesy of professionally maintained air ducts. The tidiness of your living and working areas is crucial in your health and productivity. When allergens are present, your immune system gets compromised and will lead you to health problems like allergy, asthma, and dizziness. Thanks to thorough air duct cleaning that can fix interior hygiene issues and assures the family’s comfort and convenience.

Lessens contaminants- The major benefit of air duct cleaning is its ability to reduce dangerous contaminants accumulated over time within your air ducts. Thorough cleaning of your duct system will remove dust, mold, pet dander and other harmful toxins thus your family members are spared from respiratory problems caused by germs and mold. More so, the cleaner air produced by regular maintenance of your air ducts promotes easy, relax breathing for everyone. Such a dreamy environment, right?

Eliminates nasty odors - Another good thing brought by thorough cleaning of your HVAC system is the fresh air thanks to the removal of unpleasant odors and smells.  Did you know that the smell of your baking and cooking sessions plus the cleaning agents that you use in your house contribute to ugly odors within your air ducts?  That’s why it is important to maintain a dust and odor free air ducts.

Improves the quality of airflow- When your air ducts are clogged with dust, bacteria and other contaminants, expect that its efficiency will fail your expectations. Your HVAC system will likely work hard to achieve your desired home temperature hence increasing your electric bills. With professional air duct cleaning, the air quality is improved and the air flow is not obstructed. 

Improves the quality of airflow - When your air ducts are clogged with dust, bacteria and other contaminants, expect that its efficiency will fail your expectations. Your HVAC system will likely work hard to achieve your desired home temperature hence increasing your electric bills. With professional air duct cleaning, the air quality is improved and the air flow is not obstructed.  

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Quality Air Duct Cleaning Services

  • Be cautious of air duct cleaning contractors/agents who insists frequent cleanings of your duct work.  The suggested period for getting your system cleaned is every three to five years.
  • Avoid air duct cleaning scams by rejecting insane low deals.  Don’t be fooled by cheap rates as hidden fees are to be expected later on.
  • Reliable air duct cleaning professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your system and will resolve dirt issues even on the furnace and air coils.
  • Note that air duct cleaning takes spontaneously in a few hours and skilled cleaners use a truck-mounted vacuum system.
  • Make sure that your professional duct cleaners follow the cleaning standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

DirtDoctors' air duct cleaning in Dallas is your most trusted company. The importance of clean indoor air is our top priority. If it's been a while since you last cleaning your air ducts, it's time to call DirtDoctors. We recommend to clean our your air ducts at least once every 2 years or once a year if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. Cleaning your air ducts will greatly improve the indoor quality air you are breathing and will make your HVAC run more efficiently. Call us today for any questions about our Dallas air duct cleaning service and set your appointment today!

Per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, air duct cleaning is suggested every three to five years. Still, how often you clean your duct work depends on the health condition of your family members and how often you use your HVAC system.

It’s high time to clean your air ducts when:

  • Your HVAC system is extremely soiled.  This means excessive dirt is visible both on the interior and exterior parts of your system.
  • You see entrance and exit of pests and rodents on your duct work.
  • You notice dust coming out when air comes out of the vents.
  • You plan to move into a new house/ a newly renovated house.